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T.R. Akdeniz University, Vocational School of Technical Sciences;


  • Democratic, Participatory and Corporate Governance Approach,
  • Restructuring, Change and Development Mission Awareness and
  • With the Purpose of Training Intermediate Staff with High Qualified and Work Skills

Serves Turkish Higher Education.



To train an intermediate human workforce who has sufficient knowledge in technical fields, has high business skills, is qualified and expert in their field.


To provide the potential intermediate human workforce who are educated in technical fields with sufficient information on science, technique and informatics for application and to ensure that these personnel have the characteristics of adapting to the rapidly developing technology, problem solving, decision making, taking responsibility and entrepreneurship.


  1. To increase the quality of education,
  2. To train qualified human workforce for technical fields and
  3. To establish and develop the institutional structuring.


  1. To increase the quality and level of knowledge of students,
  2. To develop the qualifications of academic and administrative staff,
  3. To improve the physical and technical infrastructure,
  4. Creating new financial resources and increasing inputs,
  5. Establishing and developing stakeholder relations,
  6. To create and carry out national and international projects and
  7. To fulfill the total quality criteria.


Akdeniz University, Antalya Vocational School was established on 20.07.1982 in Antalya. Antalya Vocational School was divided into 2 (two) Vocational Schools, namely Technical Sciences Vocational School and Social Sciences School, with the decision of the Higher Education Executive Board dated 11.03.1993. As of this date, Vocational School of Technical Sciences was restructured as a separate unit.

91 lecturers (4 Professors, 5 Associate Professors, 20 Associate Professors, 8 Lecturers, 54 Lecturers), 30 administrative staff and 6108 students (3793 formal education students) in the Vocational School of Technical Sciences , 2315 secondary education). Associate degree education continues in 43 programs in total, 20 programs in regular formal education, 20 programs in secondary education and 3 programs in METEB project. Vocational School of Technical Sciences has 10,600 m2 educational, workshop and laboratory buildings in the Akdeniz University Campus.

Akdeniz University, Vocational School of Technical Sciences aimed to train an experienced, qualified and expert intermediate human workforce with sufficient professional knowledge to be included in the work organization of the relevant sectors in the fields of Electrical and Electronics Sciences, Civil Sciences, Machine Sciences, Computer Sciences and Natural and Agricultural Sciences. For this purpose, education and training activities are carried out mainly with workshop and laboratory facilities, business skills of our students are developed in cooperation with industry and industry sectors, and they are supported by national and international projects (Higher Education Council / World Bank Industrial Education Project, METEB Project, etc.). technical training activities are continuing.

In addition to the existing education-training programs in the Vocational School of Technical Sciences, certificate-oriented education-training programs are implemented in the fields of electricity-electronics, construction, machinery and information technologies.

Students who study at the Vocational School of Technical Sciences graduate from the school with the title of "TEKNIKER" if they are successful.


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