Electronics Technology

Section Name Electronics and Automation
Program Name Electronics Technology
Program Introduction

Electronics Technology Program; It is a program that provides the installation and repair of various electronic devices, understands new technologies and trains qualified intermediate staff with high business skills who can adapt the theoretical knowledge they have learned to our country's industry.

Duration of Education and Major Courses

The training period is two years. Major lessons:

Basic Electricity, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Power Electronics, PLC, Electrical Machines-Synchro-Servo, Printed Circuit, Microcontroller.

Titles and Work Areas Earned by Graduates

Upon graduation, they receive the title of technician.

Public institutions and organizations,

Factories producing Industrial Electronics,

Installation, maintenance, repair of electrical-electronic devices,

Industrial Control applications and

All private organizations using electronic devices.

Program Interests and Aims

It is industrial electronics and to train qualified industrial electronics technicians for our country.

Content of the Education Provided in the Program

The training is based on theoretical and practical training in laboratories.

Foundation Year 1990
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