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Section Name Architecture and Urban Planning
Program Name Map and Cadastre Program
Program Introduction

The Map and Cadastre Program is a profession that carries out the production of maps of all sizes required by the country, surveys and applications of land-related projects. The maps produced form the infrastructure of engineering services. Urban and zoning planning, city maps, zoning plan applications, parcel planning, cadastre, topographic maps, etc. There is an intense need for map and cadastre technicians in the studies and design of highway, railway, irrigation, tunnel and similar engineering projects, in the implementation of these projects on the land, in the projects and constructions of technical services such as road, water, sewerage. The field of occupation of the map and cadastre profession is to follow the technology closely, to make calculations and drawings in computer environment from the information obtained from the field with electronic measuring instruments, to use the Positioning Devices (GPS) that can measure via satellites, which is one of the latest technological developments.

The program aims to train technical personnel who establish a relationship between engineers and technicians in the map sector. Graduates of the program receive the title of Map and Cadastre Technician.


Akdeniz University, Antalya Vocational School was established on 20.07.1982 in Antalya. Antalya Vocational School was divided into 2 (two) Vocational Schools, namely Technical Sciences Vocational School and Social Sciences School, with the decision of the Higher Education Executive Board dated 11.03.1993. As of this date, Vocational School of Technical Sciences was restructured as a separate unit. Map and Cadastre Program, Antalya Vocational School has provided education and training in Çallı Campus since its establishment. When it was the Vocational School of Technical Sciences, it continued its education and training with 1 lecturer and 6 lecturers on the central campus. With the establishment of the Geographic Information Systems Program in the 2014-2015 academic year, the courses are carried out together by these instructors.

Duration of Education and Major Courses

The program includes 2 years of formal education consisting of 4 semesters. Students who are successful in a total of 120 ECTS courses at the graduation stage are entitled to graduate. Education is carried out in accordance with the “Akdeniz University Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations”. Success Evaluations are carried out within the framework of "Akdeniz University Exam and Success Evaluation Directive". (



Major Lessons

  • Land Surveys I,II,III and IV
  • Occupational Trigonometry I,II
  • Map Drawing I,II
  • Cadastre I,II
  • Land Management I,II
  • Professional Calculations I,II
  • Computer Aided Map Drawing
Titles and Work Areas Earned by Graduates

Map and cadastral technicians carry out their duties both in the office and outdoors. According to the situation of the workplace, topographers work in cooperation with geology, geophysics, geodesy and photogrammetry (map and cadastre), civil, environmental and petroleum engineers and architects. Their duties require frequent travelling.

Our graduates; To train as technical intermediate staff who serve the society with their profession by adopting the principles of ethical and moral behavior, have the necessary knowledge and techniques included in their associate degree education, can work successfully in each of their professional fields of work, and understand the importance of lifelong vocational education.

When our graduate students take the "Vertical Transfer Exam" and succeed, they can make a vertical transfer to the departments of Geomatics Engineering, Geomatics Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geological Engineering, Forestry Engineering within the determined quotas.

Program Interests and Aims

The mission of the two-year Map and Cadastre Associate Degree Program is; It is to train a manpower between the engineer and the worker who will personally work in the construction and implementation of maps and plans that constitute the infrastructure of important projects such as dams, zoning, cadastre, roads, irrigation and drying. Map and Cadastre technicians have the opportunity to find employment and work in all public and private institutions. Our vision; To be a respected and pioneering program in the national arena with our associate degree education and training that meets the needs of the business world, trains preferred qualified technical personnel, and follows new developments.



Those who want to be a map and cadastral technician;

  • Ability to think numerically,
  • Able to see shape and space relations,
  • Able to perform arithmetic and geometric operations,
  • Developed hand-eye coordination and drawing skills,
  • Enjoys working outdoors and in the field,
  • Open to cooperation,
  • They must be physically strong and strong people.
Content of the Education Provided in the Program

Education and Training consists of four semesters and a total of 120 credits of courses are given. 80% of the courses taught for 30 credits each semester are compulsory – 20% are elective courses.

Compulsory courses are in the status of Theoretical and Applied courses. Theoretical courses are given in the Technological classroom environment, and the applied courses are given in the measurement laboratory and in the field environment.

Measurement Laboratory is available for student use. Various classical and modern measuring instruments such as GPS, Total Station, Classical and Electronic Theodolites and automatic levels are available for basic education and research purposes in the Measurement Laboratory. Students use the laboratory as a complementary part of their field application studies.

Foundation Year 1982
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