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Section Name Computer Technologies
Program Name Computer programming
Program Introduction

Computer Programming Program; In the Vocational School of Technical Sciences, which is located in the campus of Akdeniz University in the center of Antalya, for example, it provides education in 1 separate branch in education and in 2 separate branches in secondary education. The quota of the branches is limited to 50 students. A total of 120 credits of courses in 4 semesters covering 2 years, theoretically and practically; The classrooms are given by expert and experienced instructors in the laboratories and workshops. However, our students; They can also develop themselves socially by participating in cultural and artistic activities held on the university campus.

Our Mission: To train level 5 people who have sufficient knowledge in the field of Computer Programming, have high business skills, are qualified and are experts in their fields. Our Vision: To the 5th level human workforce who are educated in the field of Computer Programming; To provide sufficient information on science, technique and informatics for practice and to ensure that these personnel have the characteristics of adapting to rapidly developing technology, problem solving, decision making, taking responsibility and being entrepreneurial.

Duration of Education and Major Courses

Computer Programming Program; It is an associate degree program that aims to provide 5th level academic and professional qualifications. Student; Graduates from the program by completing 120 ECTS/ECTS credits, provided that they take 30 ECTS/ECTS credits each semester. The graduate student is awarded an associate degree in Computer Programming Program.

Titles and Work Areas Earned by Graduates

Our students who successfully complete their education receive a "Computer Programming" associate degree diploma with the title of "Computer Technician" and "Computer Programmer".

Employment opportunities and work areas:

They can work in public institutions and private organizations, as well as independently.

Information processing, intermediate staff in software companies, meeting database management and maintenance needs, graphic design, web site design, printing and design works, etc. they are employed in various computing jobs.

Program Interests and Aims

The purpose of our department: Related to the field of Computer Programming; To train technical staff with 5th level academic and professional qualifications regarding knowledge, skills, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, creativity and evaluation.

It aims to meet the need for intermediate staff trained in the field of information technologies.

Content of the Education Provided in the Program

1.Semester Compulsory Courses:

  1. Fundamentals of Programming: To be able to produce programs and find solutions to problems by using the general structure of a programming language, algorithm, input and output commands, comparison commands, loops, arrays, functions, pointers, strings, structured data types and filing.
  2. Database I: The biggest feature of today's computer programs is to store data. Therefore, it is of great importance that the integrity of the data is not damaged in multiple records and that its reliability is ensured.
  3. Graphic Animation I: Image file types Practical information Image editors Web template, Banner, etc. applications
  4. Turkish Language 1: It is aimed to give information about the general characteristics of Turkish language to the students studying at the associate and undergraduate level, based on the natural functioning of the language, and to improve the comprehension and expression skills of the students.
  5. Basic Mathematics: To provide basic mathematics education to associate degree students at post-secondary university.
  6. Physics I: To teach students the basic concepts of physics, materials, mechanics, statics, dynamics, fluids, electricity and magnetism.

2nd Term Required Courses:

  1. Database II
  2. Graphic Animation II
  3. Programming Techniques
  4. Turkish Language 2
  5. Ataturk's Principles and History of Revolution II
  6. Professional Mathematics
  7. Physics II
  8. English II

3rd Term Required Courses:

  1. Software Architectures
  2. Computer Hardware
  3. System Analysis and Design I
  4. Visual Programming I
  5. Internet Programming I

4th Term Required Courses:

  1. Internet Programming II
  2. Micro Computer Systems
  3. Object Oriented Programming II
  4. Server Operating System
  5. Network Fundamentals
  6. System Analysis and Design II
Foundation Year 2005
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