organic farming

Section Name Plant and Animal Production
Program Name Organic farming
Program Introduction

Organic farming; It is a form of controlled and certified agricultural production at every stage from production to consumption, without using chemical inputs in production. The purpose of organic agriculture; To protect the environment, plant, animal and human health without polluting soil, water resources and air.

In our program; It is aimed to produce new values ​​in line with the aims of a modern and democratic university, to meet the needs of quality intermediate staff of national / international institutions and organizations, and to train organic agriculture technicians who are open to development, entrepreneurial, innovative, respectful to human and moral values.

Duration of Education and Major Courses

In order to obtain an associate degree in Organic Agriculture, students must successfully complete all of the compulsory and elective courses (a total of 120 ECTS) and obtain a weighted grade point average of at least 2.0 out of 4.0.

Titles and Work Areas Earned by Graduates

Titles Earned by Graduates:

Graduates are given an “associate degree diploma” and those who have this diploma can work as technicians.

Employment Opportunities:

  1. Public institutions and organizations: Provincial and District Directorates of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Research Institutes and Municipalities.
  2. Agricultural Cooperatives: Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, Agricultural Sales Cooperatives and Agricultural Development Cooperatives.
  3. Private Sector Enterprises: Organic agricultural (plant and animal) production and marketing enterprises and sustainable agriculture (organic agriculture and good agricultural practices) control and certification institutions.
  4. Own businesses: Organic agricultural (plant and animal) production and marketing businesses.

Professional Advancement Opportunities:

The person who has completed the associate degree program can be promoted to the managerial position according to his/her performance in the workplace.


*Enroll in Anadolu University Open Education Faculty of Economics or Faculty of Business undergraduate programs without examination and get a four-year faculty diploma, or

*Can be transferred to Faculties of Agriculture with DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam). Those who make vertical transfers receive the title of "Agricultural Engineer" after graduation.

Program Interests and Aims

The purpose of this program; To train qualified technical staff who have sufficient knowledge and practice about the production of organic plant and animal products and the quality control, preservation and preparation of these products for the market. Diploma and Title Earned by Graduates: Students who graduate by taking theoretical and applied courses in the Organic Agriculture Program are given an "associate degree diploma" and those who have this diploma can work as technicians.

Content of the Education Provided in the Program

The training is done theoretically and practically.

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