Section Name Electronics and Automation
Program Name Mechatronics
Program Introduction

Born from the marriage of mechatronics, machinery, electrical-electronics and computer engineering, which is accepted as the new and popular science of our age; It is an interdisciplinary concept that brings together software and control engineering issues under the same roof. The scope of mechatronics, which can also be expressed as the close fusion of mechanical engineering with electronics and computers, in design, process and product manufacturing, mechanical design and analysis, robotic systems, image processing, control engineering, artificial neural networks and virtual can be classified as reality. Mechatronic structural elements, mechanical systems, mechanical system design, electronic systems, automation systems, informatic systems, process systems, mechatronic systems and design etc. With the Mechatronics Program, which provides training on subjects, it is aimed to meet the qualified labor force needed in the sector.

Duration of Education and Major Courses

The training period is two years. Major lessons:

Fundamentals of Mechatronics, Computer Aided Drawing, CNC Technology, Hydraulic Pneumatic Systems, Industrial Robots, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Mechanisms, Electromechanical Control, Electric Motors and Drivers, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Microcontrollers etc.

Titles and Work Areas Earned by Graduates

Graduated students can work as technicians in all production processes related to mechatronics. In addition, our graduates find jobs in mechatronics research and development, product design (electrical and electronic mechanical software), manufacturing, quality control and maintenance. Major sectors:

Computer-aided design and production

Control and intelligent control systems

Robotics and Automation based production

Microelectronic systems and communication systems

automotive systems

Aerospace applications

Biomedical Applications

Computer Hardware and Software Industry etc.

Program Interests and Aims

It is industrial electronics and to train qualified industrial mechatronics technicians for our country.

Content of the Education Provided in the Program

The training is based on theoretical and practical training in laboratories.

Foundation Year 2014
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