Section Name Electricity and Energy Technologies
Program Name Electrical Program
Program Introduction

Electricity Program Basic Electricity, Electric Power Systems, Electric Machines and PLC Laboratories with education, training and application studies and training intermediate staff with sufficient knowledge on electricity in all sectors and organizations that require technical service. In addition, the program provides specialist training in the fields of Factory Maintenance and Manufacturing and Transmission Distribution and Installation Technician.

Duration of Education and Major Courses

The education period consists of 4 (four) semesters in 2 years. The main courses are mathematics, physics, direct current circuit analysis, alternating current circuit analysis, transformer and direct current machines, energy management, electrical power plants, electromechanical control systems, factory manufacturing techniques, panel design and assembly.

Titles and Work Areas Earned by Graduates

The job description, role, technical skills and behavior patterns of the student who will carry the title of electrical technician were taken into account, the qualification lines were determined and the training program was prepared considering the compatibility with the developing technology and its validity in the market, as well as the transition from secondary education to associate degree education, and transition from associate education to undergraduate education. . Maximum profit should be obtained in return for minimum investment from the energy provided from fossil and renewable energy sources. Therefore, the methods of obtaining energy, the use, energy recycling systems of technical staff or intermediate elements who will work in the energy sectors, etc. It is imperative that they are well-equipped. Today, since there is a great need for well-equipped and knowledgeable intermediate staff in the energy sectors, those who successfully graduate from the department in question will easily have employment opportunities in every field of the energy sector. Students who receive the title of "Energy Technician" will find a wide range of jobs as designers or practitioners in the fields of energy generation, transmission, distribution and use. Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, General Directorate of Petroleum Affairs (PIGM), Mineral Research and Exploration Institute (MTA), Electrical Works Survey Administration (EİE), EÜAŞ, TEİAŞ, TEDAŞ, DSİ, TKİ, TTK, TPAO, BOTAŞ, TÜPRAŞ, TAEK can be counted. It is also possible to add energy technicians who will take part in the studies to be carried out due to the fact that Turkey has an energy corridor in the north-south and east-west directions. Our graduates receive the title of electrical technician. Professional staff can work in public and private institutions as well as independently. They can work in various ministries, primarily the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, with organizations such as Turkey Electricity Distribution Corporation, Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, State Hydraulic Works, Mechanical Chemistry Institute, General Directorate of Rural Services.

Program Interests and Aims

Electrical Energy Generation, Transmission and Distribution Associate Degree Program aims to train intermediate staff who can take charge in all establishments responsible for the distribution and marketing of electrical energy and in all industrial establishments that use electrical energy. Apart from this, many domestic and foreign organizations are investing in fuel cells, solar cells, solar chimneys, bioenergy, geothermal, wind and hydraulic power plants. In the coming years, with the realization of the construction of nuclear power plants, it is expected that other energy sources such as boron, which have not been used until today, will be activated. In all these areas, energy technicians will be needed at all levels, starting from the R&D level, to the most economical realization of energy distribution.

Content of the Education Provided in the Program

Our program has equipment such as electrical machines-experiment sets, electrical-electronic measurement experiment sets, automatic control sets, electrical installation sets in the electrical workshop. Students who graduate from this program generally study direct and alternating current, alternating current-direct current conversion. techniques, electrical circuit design with the help of computer software, realization of database applications in enterprises with the help of computers, design and construction of digital electronics and control circuits, planning, design, exploration, inspection, testing and acceptance processes.

Foundation Year 1982
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