Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technologies

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Program Name Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technologies
Program Introduction

YÖK-World Bank II. Technician training is given in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Program of Akdeniz University Vocational School of Technical Sciences, which was started in 1992 within the scope of the Industrial Education Project. It continues its education and training with the renewed course curricula within the scope of the Meteb Project in 2002 and the Development of Human Resources through Vocational Education Project (İKMEP) in 2011. Hundreds of touristic facilities in and around Antalya, where the potential of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration sector is very high, and the service sector working for these facilities have started to meet the need for qualified Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technicians from the graduates of this department. The Air Conditioning-Cooling training, which was initiated for the first time in Turkey with the World Bank Industrial Training Project, filled a big gap in the industry. Cooling circuit training unit, computer connected air handling unit, mixed air air handling unit, basic refrigeration cycle training unit, commercial cooling training unit, cooling tower, refrigeration cycle fault finding unit, compressor fault finding unit, package type air conditioners in air conditioning and refrigeration laboratories , split type air conditioners, package type cold room, mechanical heat pump, various types of compressor sections, cooling circuit control elements sections and education and training are carried out practically.

It is an associate degree program that aims to train qualified intermediate staff in order to carry out the design and functions of related systems in the field of air conditioning and cooling, which is of great importance today, and to provide extensive technical service in the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of these systems. For this purpose, qualified intermediate technical staff are trained, equipped with modern technological knowledge, who can follow the developing technology and apply it in their work. Graduates can work as intermediate technical personnel, intermediate level managers, service technicians in large and medium-sized enterprises producing air conditioning-cooling and ventilation.

It is essential for an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician to have a thorough understanding of the design and function of various air conditioning and refrigeration systems, as well as being effective in repairing faulty equipment. The technician will work together and in cooperation with people in charge of air conditioning and cooling engineering and various levels of production during his duties.

Theoretical and applied courses in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology program; theoretical courses are carried out in the modern classrooms of the Vocational School, and applied courses in the well-equipped and well-equipped Air Conditioning and Refrigeration laboratories.


Training Application Areas and Workshops:

Air Conditioning-Cooling Laboratory

Air Conditioning-Cooling Workshop

Joint Computer Labs


There is the possibility of horizontal transfer between vocational schools. Graduate students can transfer vertically to related undergraduate programs (Mechanical Engineering, Energy Engineering) in formal education if they are successful in the Vertical Transfer Exam.

Duration of Education and Major Courses

Within the associate degree program, the education period is 2 years and consists of 4 semesters. Courses are taught on a semester basis and at least 15 weeks of education are given each semester. Internship is optional.

A total of 120 ECTS is completed in 2 years.

1st Semester: 30 ECTS per week

2nd Semester: 30 ECTS per week

3rd Semester: 30 ECTS per week

4th Semester: 30 ECTS per week


Educational content

  • Refrigeration Technologies, Professional Mathematics and Computer Courses
  • Workshop and Refrigeration Service Operations
  • Air Conditioning Cooling Electricity
  • Cooling Principles
  • Air Conditioning Principles
  • Commercial Cooling Systems
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Laboratory
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Automatic control
  • Cooling System Design
  • Preventive Maintenance and Failure
  • Ventilation Systems
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Energy Management, Indoor Air Quality
  • Natural Gas Installation
  • Quality, Assurance and Standards
  • Business Management, General and Technical Communication
Titles and Work Areas Earned by Graduates

Students who successfully complete all the courses in the education plan receive their associate degree with the title of "Air Conditioning-Cooling Technician".

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician as a result of the gain achieved in line with the program purpose; They can work in the field of mechanical installation project applications, manufacturing, operation, maintenance and repair of all kinds of air conditioning and cooling systems and devices, and marketing and sales of these devices, operation, maintenance and control technicians in public and private sector institutions and organizations operating in the field of air conditioning and cooling, He can work as a department chief, and can also take on leadership and managerial roles in small and medium-sized businesses.

Program Interests and Aims

The purpose of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology program is to provide the graduates who will work in the production and service sectors in the field of air conditioning and cooling in the associate degree education and training, with the theoretical knowledge and application skills in this field, as well as other communication, informatics, information acquisition and processing skills. To train as a high-level employee who works closely with an engineer or manager/technologist in the air conditioning and refrigeration technologies sector.

Content of the Education Provided in the Program

An engineer who has sufficient knowledge on the selection, manufacture, installation, commitment, maintenance and periodic control of air conditioning and cooling systems, renewable energy sources and heating and cooling systems, by providing education and training in applied science, technique and informatics in the field of air conditioning and cooling technologies. To meet the need for intermediate staff between the worker and the worker.

To train a qualified workforce who has sufficient knowledge in the fields of air conditioning and cooling technologies, has high business skills and is an expert in their field.

Foundation Year

Our program has been continuing its education activities since the 1st Education 1992 and the 2nd Education since 1996.

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