Control and Automation Technology

Section Name Electronics and Automation
Program Name Control and Automation Technology
Program Introduction

The aim of our program, which started education in 1993, is to train technical personnel with the necessary theoretical and practical professional knowledge and skills in the introduction, installation, use, maintenance, repair and development of all kinds of tools, equipment, equipment and equipment systems and technological structures used in the fields of industrial automation.

Duration of Education and Major Courses

In order to train “Automation Technicians” who meet the quality criteria demanded by the factories in the industry, basic hydraulic and pneumatic knowledge is given to the students, as well as the basic electrical and electronic information, and the ability to use, calibrate and troubleshoot the measuring and control instruments used during automation. In addition, they are provided with the knowledge of controlling simple automation systems and integrating these systems into a data collection system by writing a PLC program or microcontroller program. In addition to these, students are provided with knowledge and skills about new production and management techniques and quality management systems.

Titles and Work Areas Earned by Graduates

Our students are in industrial control and automation companies, all kinds of modern factories, robotic systems, robot automation, facilities producing robots, wherever there are smart systems, in the automotive industry, gas distribution companies, facilities producing renewable energy or producing these technologies, iron and steel industry. , construction and cement industry, ceramic and glass industry, water and wastewater treatment industry, food and pharmaceutical industry, textile and paper industry, chemical and petrochemical enterprises, oil and gas enterprises, companies that manufacture elevators and escalators, ship industry, shipyards and many similar business sectors will be able to find job opportunities.

Program Interests and Aims -
Content of the Education Provided in the Program -
Foundation Year 1993
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