2023-2024 Spring Semester Associate Degree Programs Horizontal Transfer Announcement

★No students will be admitted to undergraduate and associate degree programs with the Central Placement Score (Additional Article 1) in the 2023-2024 Academic Year Spring Semester.

★Students will not be admitted to undergraduate programs based on their GPA; Students who will apply to associate degree programs will be able to apply online between 22 January and 01 February 2024.

★ Students who want to apply do not need to come to our University. Applications will be made electronically (on-line); Applications by mail, e-mail, cargo or in person will not be accepted. (If there is any change, it will be announced.)

For Information Please:https://oidb.akdeniz.edu.tr/tr/duyuru/20232024_bahar_yariyili_onlisans_programlari_yatay_gecis_duyurusu-6544


Spring Semester Horizontal Transfer Registration Dates for Associate Degree Programs
Application Dates 22 January - 01 February 2024
Missing/Incorrect Document Correction Dates 05-06 February 2024
Announcement of Accepted Students by Units 09 February 2024
Final Registration Dates for Students whose Applications Are Accepted 12-14 February 2024
Final Registration Dates for Reserve Candidates (Called in the order to be announced by the Unit) 15-16 February 2024
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