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Our aim is to provide skilled professional manpower that has enough technical acknowledge, well-qualified labour, qualified in technical areas as “intermediary technical staff” to industry.


To give information  to intermediary manpower educated in technical field on scientific, technical and informatics topics.  To provide adaptation of students to  emerging technology, problem solving, decision-making , assume responsibility and promoter.


1. Raising the quality of education

2.Providing well-qualified manpower to technical fields

3.Establishing and  developing of  institutional structure


1. Increasing the quality and knowledge level of students

2. Improving professional development for academic and managerial


3. Redeveloping of technical infrastructure

4. Constituting of  new financal resources and increasing our income

5. Cooperating with international partners

6. Doing  national and international projects

7. To fulfill the total quality criterion


Akdeniz University, Antalya Vocational School was founded in 1982. İn 1993, Antalya Vocational School was divided into two parts, as Technical and Social Sciences. Vocational School of Technical Sciences has taken great steps since 1989, with the support of 2nd Industrial Training Project, carried out by the World Bank and the Higher Education Council of Turkey. Our laboratory and workshop equipments were renewed and developed with a financial support from the Project sponsors. Additionally , some of our instructors were educated in United Kingdom and the United States.

Our school has a 8142 m2 education area and 2052 m2 laboratory and workshop area. Vocational School of Technical Sciences currently provides education and training in 15 different programs to about 3500 students, with 67 teaching staff and 27 managerial and technical personnel.  In our school there are 16 classrooms each has a capacity of about 50 students, about 30 offices, a meeting room for 100 people, 21 labaratories (3 computer laboratories and 2 of them are with Internet connection  6 electrical and electronics laboratories  5 mechanic laboratories -basic, welding, metrology, CNC and material testing- 2 refrigeration and air conditioning technology laboratories, 1 cartography and surveying laboratory,  1 enviromental pollution and control laboratory, 2 civil engineering technology laboratories, and 1 automotive laboratory.

Besides, we have double schooling for our 11 programs out of 15. We have an extensive coverage of occupational areas such as Electrical-Electronics, Machinery, Construction.  All programs require two academic years (4 semester, each 14 weeks) of full-time study. Additionally, students have to do  a 30-day industrial training  at the end of the first year.

At the same time our school took place in (METEB) Vocational and Technical Education Project. We have been realizing student and academic staff exchange project with Germany since 2000. We realized a EU Leonardo da Vinci Mobilty Exchange Project with the Netherland in 2004. We  also would like to cooperate with  similiar vocational schools from different countries.



Electrical Technology

The courses given in this program;  basic electrical-electronics, electrical power system, power electronics, PLC, electrical machninery and CAD programs. Students who complete the Electrical Technology Program are fully prepared to install, repair and maintain electrical systems designed to provide power, control, signal  for all types of buildings,and structures. This program includes two branches. Plant Maintenance and Manufacturing, Transmission, Distribution and Installation.

Industrial Electronics

This program is designed to educate students as high technicians to assist industrial engineers in the planning, quality control, production, and, manufacturing or commercial operations. The program provides the student both theory and practical education on basic electrical-electronics, analog and digital electronics, power electronics, PLC, microcontroller, electrical machninery, synchro servo systems, CAD programs.

Electronics Communication

Analog and digital telecommunication, telephone switching systems, antennas and microwave communication,  RF technique, fiber optics are taught in the program. Students graduating from the electronics communication technology program can expand their potential employment options to include telephone, internet, and cable service providers, wireless and satellite communications companies.

Industrial Automation

This program is designed to introduce students to the field of industrial automation and to provide a general overview of the technologies that are incorporated in an automated system. These technologies include hydraulics, pneumatics control, electrical/electronics, level, pressure, temperature, humidity, flow measurement and control,  PLCs, microcontroller, robot and computer.

Biomedical Equipment Technology

This two-year program will prepare the student for an entry-level position as a Biomedical Equipment high technician, Medical Equipment Repairer.. This program consists of a combination of courses in basic electrical circuits, analog and digital electronics, microcontroller, medical instrumentation, human anatomy, and human physiology, biomedical technology.


Machinery Program

The purpose of this program is to supply intermediary technical staff for the machinery sector of our land. The students are required to have enough knowledge on the manufacturing and design of machinery elements and pneumatic and hydraulic systems, benches of CNC, applications of AUTOCAD and CAD-CAM.

Automotive Program

This program gives students the skills and understanding of theory, function, and operations of automotive systems. When completion of the program, students are prepared to begin a professional career in the automotive field as automotive high technicians, service writers, and auto parts personnel. Courses include  Power Transmission Systems , Vehicle Electricity And Electronics, Thermodynamics And Heat Transfer, Air conditioning, Fuel system, diesel engine, motor test

Climatisation And Air Conditioning Program

Qualified intermediary technical staff who knows about maintenance, repair and design of air conditioning and cooling system, planning and manufacturing and cooling house and commercial type cooling devices, refrigerators, ice-room systems and electrical devices and heating with solar energy.

Fire-Fighting And Fire-Security Program

This program prepares students to the Fire Fighting Service or Fire security firms. The Graduates will be able to operate and maintain  fire equipment, inspect the causes of fires. Students learn vehicle and material knowledge, sport, basic electrical/electronics, first aid, Fire fighting and Rescue Equipment, and dangerous materials. In order to study in this program, students should have good health, physical stamina,  handskill, agility, and shouldn’t be handicapped.

Natural Gas, Heating And Plumbing Technology

This program trains the qualified intermediary technical staff who knows about transmission using of natural gas, installation, maintenance, repair of devices run by natural gas theoretically and practically.


Construction Program

Construction program is aimed to educate Construction Engineering Technicians, who are worked on concrete, ground, hydraulic, cement, aggragate, and had certain knowledge and practice about construction engineering technology.   

Surveying And Cadastre Program

Surveying and Cadastre Program is aimed to educate Land Surveying Tecnicians, who are specialized, in proper usage of methods (maths, geometry, trigonometry) and tools (computer, plotter, digitiezer) of modern technology and having certain level of  theoretical knowledge, practical experience and skill in the Surveying Industry.

Environmental Pollution And Control Program

Enviromental Pollution and Control Program is aimed to educate technicians who have knowledge about related regulations in environmental issues due to the technological developments and their cause of pollution.

Construction Supervision Assistance Program

Construction Supervision Assistance Program is aimed to educate well qualified technicians who are specialized in order to the demands of construction industry especially related with construction supervision (construction supervision firms, construction laboratories, building product manufacturing firms, related offices of municipals and state).


Computer Technology And Programming

The students are trained in laboratories equipped with modern technological facilities in the means of software and hardware. As the aim of the program is to graduate computer programmers, Delphi programming language is used in the training. Basic mathematics, physics, statistic, management, graphics animation, algorithm, system analysis and design, computer network system, internet programming, data base managing system are taught.

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